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The Healthiest Way to Eat Meat in the World

Do you want to know the healthiest way to eat meat? It’s called regenerative farming and it’s better for the animals, the soil, and the environment. It is also better for your health.

This definitely goes beyond grass fed. Regenerative farming is a sustainable way to raise livestock, heal the land and foster healthy living soil for future generations. These animals are pasture and forest raised, with no hormones or antibiotics. And they have incredible flavor!

Regenerative farming is becoming popular and there are many US farms engaging in the practice. These farms are going back to the basics. Growing plants and animals the way nature does.

Fostering a diverse variety of plants and trees, using no-till methods for planting and incorporating grazing animals that naturally produce compost. This helps to heal the land, and restore the soil. This is rewarding for farmers and farm communities and it results in the freshest, healthiest non-tainted, non-polluted meats.

I personally switched over the vast majority of my meats to this method of farming. And I encourage you to do the same. Confined animal feeding lots are terrible for the environment and the animals. Those meats are loaded full of antibiotics and chemicals that do not belong in our body.

The community of regenerative farmers is growing and they need your help. I encourage you take a percentage of the meats you consume and purchase from one of these farms or online cooperatives. This is the most effective way to help restore our farm lands, while benefiting you and to the ecosystem.

So step away from the industrial, chemical and pesticide-based agriculture that degrades the land. Do not support DEGENERATIVE farming, start looking into regenerative practices that help to heal the landscape and raise animals naturally and ethically to produce vastly higher quality meat. Below are some links to regenerative cooperatives.

- Dr. Matthew Varner

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