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Massage Therapy at Integrated Health Solutions Sports & Performance Chiropractic

Who Needs Massage Therapy?

Dr. Varner massaging patientAt Integrated Health Solutions Sports & Performance Chiropractic, we believe everyone can benefit from massage therapy. It is the utilization of many techniques to activate the relaxation mechanisms within each muscle and tendon to transform these tissues by increasing circulation and healing. It also mobilizes dense scar tissue that forms after repeated stress, strain or acute injuries. Breaking up this scar tissue allows for freer motion, so joints aren’t locked into suboptimal, dysfunctional positions.

How Does Massage Therapy Complement Chiropractic?

Massage and chiropractic work well together because whenever a joint is not moving as it should, the soft tissues that are part of that joint complex are affected. In order for the chiropractic adjustment to make lasting changes to the alignment and mobility of the joint, the damaged ligaments and muscles must also be corrected through massage therapy.

For athletes, keeping the tissues mobile is of paramount importance. By loosening up the muscles and ligaments through massage, you are able to stretch more effectively, which keeps the body more fluid and helps reduce the risk of injury.

Our Massage Techniques

Dr. Varner is a skilled massage therapist and incorporates clinical massage into every patient’s treatment. Massage is not a stand-alone treatment—it’s part of your overall care. If you would like to schedule a massage only, we have massage therapists we can schedule you with.

You will likely receive a variety of massage techniques during your treatment. Dr. Varner blends a number of soft tissue techniques to offer patients the best overall results. Some of the techniques he uses are:

  • Cross-fiber friction
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Neurofascial release
  • Trigger point therapy

Our massage therapy is clinical and specifically targeted to your needs. It isn’t a relaxing, full-body massage that you might receive at a spa—it’s focused on the areas of your body that we are working on correcting, and works deeply on the damaged tissues.

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