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New Patients at Integrated Health Solutions Sports & Performance Chiropractic

Before You Come In

Our new patient paperwork is available for you to print out and complete at home, so you can simply bring it with you to your appointment and save yourself some time in our office.

Because our treatments are dynamic, it’s a good idea to wear exercise clothes or at least something that will allow for free movement and stretching. Also, if you have any radiology reports for previous imaging you’ve had done, please bring the reports (we don’t need the actual images.)


The new patient fee is $125 for your first visit, and the regular visit fee is $80.

At Integrated Health Solutions Sports & Performance Chiropractic, we want patients to know up-front that you will receive treatment at your first visit, so long as there are no contraindications to that. When you come in, Dr. Varner will greet you personally and welcome you.

He’ll go over your health history with you, as well as asking about your current symptoms and goals, any previous injuries or traumas, how you exercise and what your limitations are. He’ll analyze your movement, your gait, the biomechanics of your spinal movement, your leveling, and restrictions in movement. He’ll also check your tissues by stretching.

He’ll then start treatment with trigger point therapy and cross-fiber friction, to work on scar tissue. Once that is loosened up, he’ll do your chiropractic adjustments. This appointment is between one and one and a half hours.

Your subsequent visits will all be thirty minutes of hands-on therapy with Dr. Varner. This will include various massage and other soft-tissue work for stretching and mobilization, as well as your chiropractic adjustments.

Get Hands-On Care Today

Contact us today to schedule your first visit for hands-on treatment.

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