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Sports Chiropractic at Integrated Health Solutions Sports & Performance Chiropractic

Who Should Get Sports Chiropractic Care?

Anyone who is active can benefit from sports chiropractic care. At Integrated Health Solutions Sports & Performance Chiropractic, we treat patients from all walks of life who stay active in their own way—whether it’s gardening, CrossFit or golf. We also treat professional basketball players, golfers and weightlifters, among other professional athletes. Every Olympic and professional athlete receives regular chiropractic care as part of their training regimen—it helps keep their bodies healthy and working optimally so they can play at their highest level while reducing the risk of injury.

Because of our unique, in-depth approach to sports and performance chiropractic, we have developed an outstanding network of medical professionals we work with. Neurologists and orthopedic surgeons refer to us because of our outstanding results. We want to keep you healthy and help you perform better. And if you do get injured, our care can help you recover faster and more completely, reducing the risk of re-injury.

Dr. Varner is an athlete himself, running and doing CrossFit six days a week. He understands the demands that sports place on the body, and he knows what athletes need to optimize performance.

Our approach is to move people through our various tables for massage, Gonstead adjustments and cervical adjustments, giving you the specific, hands-on care you need to determine how your body is moving and improve it.

Every treatment includes soft tissue work, which will consist of various types of massage techniques, based on your needs. Dr. Varner’s expertise is in clinical massage to break up scar tissue and restore mobility so that the chiropractic adjustments can be most effective. This is not a full body, “fluff and buff,” spa-style massage, but rather focused sports therapy.

Take Your Game to Another Level

Whatever sport or activity you pursue, we can help you elevate your performance to get more enjoyment and satisfaction from it—while at the same time, reducing your risk of injury. Contact us today to learn how we can help you take your game to the next level.

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