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The Dangers of Tylenol

Pouring pills into handIn 1994 researchers at John Hopkins medical school published in the New England Journal of Medicine an alarming article regarding the usage and dangers of Tylenol also called Acetaminophen. The article examined the increased risk of kidney failure associated with the usage of Tylenol and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The article found that people who take an analgesic drug frequently may be at an increased risk of end stage renal disease. Heavier acetaminophen use was associated with an increased risk of end-stage renal disease in the dose-dependent fashion. Those we took 105 to 365 acetaminophen pills per year at a 40% increase risk of end-stage renal disease. For some in the study, 140% increased risk of end stage renal disease was observed.

Alarmingly, for those in the study who took 365 acetaminophen pills over a year, the risk of end-stage renal disease increase to 110% and for some the risk was as high as 270%!

It doesn’t stop there. The study also pointed out for those who took 1,000 pills containing acetaminophen over their lifetime increased their risk of end-stage renal disease by 100% and for some it was as high as 220%.

There is a correlation between the amount of acetaminophen pills and increased risk of end-stage renal disease. The highest percentage noted was a 380% increase of renal disease with a consumption of 5,000 pills of acetaminophen over the course of one’s lifetime.

The authors did note that 8 to 10% of the overall instances of renal disease is attributable to acetaminophen use and they concluded that people who take acetaminophen often will be at higher risk for end-stage renal disease.

As a chiropractor, our main goal is to squelch inflammation. It is the main driver of most chronic disease and pain. The usage of chiropractic principles and techniques are designed to attack inflammation at the root cause without destroying your kidneys! Using drugs like Tylenol and acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have major side effects stated above.

The Benefits of Chiropractic

I wonder how many people know how much damage they are doing when taking these drugs when there is a much safer and effective option. Chiropractic for decades, has outperformed anti-inflammatory drugs in patient outcomes and satisfaction. I encourage you to find your chiropractor and start getting to the root cause of your inflammation without the usage of organ damaging drugs.


New England Journal of Medicine, December 22, 1994.

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